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CMNAV Advanced For Truckers and Campers

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CMNAV PRO Trucker and Camper

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CMNAV TURBO Trucker and Camper

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CMNAV TRAFFIC - Trucker and Camper

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CMNAV 360 Trucker and Camper

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Why CMNAV Sat Navs?

At C & M Navigation Systems, we have one motto: "Treat every customer the way you'd like to be treated as a customer. If there's something you wouldn't like as a customer - then don't do it to anyone else". 

- We answer the questions ASAP within an hour, or worst case, later on, the same day (Monday to Sunday!)

- We work together to identify the right sat nav for you (we don't sell the most expensive - we sell the most efficient for you, so don't be surprised if you'd be recommended the cheapest sat nav maybe! We don't sell "good" and "bad" sat navs - we sell "the right sat nav for you")

- We dispatch the orders the same working day, for orders placed before 3 PM same day (Mon-Sat), and we use FAST and TRACKED Services, to ensure the product will get to you in no time, and in one piece.

- After each purchase, we send out a playlist of VIDEO GUIDES about how to operate your sat-nav, which will give you a very good understanding of navigation software, regardless of your "tech knowledge level"

- We offer 30 day returns no questions asked, for as long as the product arrives back without heavy marks or scratches and with all the accessories in the box.

- We offer Free Lifetime Map Updates and support in installing these updates

- We listen to your ideas, and we try to implement these on our products as much as possible! 

- We treat every question/situation individually and provide the best solution - not just a generic answer to make it seem like we did something. 

Of course, the list can continue, but we will let our customers' reviews speak for us! 

You see, there's a lot of sellers and companies out there selling similar products, which can become a bit confusing for you as a customer and makes you purchase the first product that comes in your way because "they're all the same" or even spend 3 times more for one of the overpriced big-brand sat navs. 

The most important thing when you purchase a sat nav it's not what you see outside, it's what's inside of it - the navigation software and maps - which are critical in route calculation if you're driving a large vehicle. Having the latest and the CORRECT set of maps for Large Vehicles together to avoid restrictions and useful sets of Points of Interest is a must-have. 

Many sellers on these big marketplaces claim to have a "proper Truck Sat Nav" or a "Proper Caravan/Motorhome Sat Nav", but most of them only buy them from China or even buy from eBay and sell the same for a double price, as they are, most of the times just with outdated car maps, without checking if they're fit for purpose, just to make a quick buck. When you come to update the sat nav, you'll have the surprise to realise that they're not trading anymore so you'll be left with a useless piece of plastic, which you'll probably flog on Facebook Marketplace for a tenner, as it's no good anymore.  

At C & M Navigation Systems, we don't simply pack boxes and send them out.  First, we give samples to our Affiliate Professional Drivers, to try them out on the road, in parallel with another sat-nav, for a few weeks, on several road types and locations, to ensure they're good to be sold to others before we list them.

The difference between us and these sellers out there is that we've been around for 5 years now, and counting, WE constantly LISTEN to our customers' feedback and work closely with them, to improve our products year by year. 

It's safe to say that we have the widest range of sat navs in the UK if not in Europe, with products that come in many variations to fit everyone's budgets and requirements (No point paying extra money for a feature that you will never use, isn't it?) 

Thank you for taking your time to check our website and products and we want to let you know that we're here to help in case you have further questions!

Kind Regards,

C & M Navigation Systems Team