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"Free Lifetime Map Updates" Policy

Free Lifetime Map Updates for any CMNAV Sat Nav purchased from the website

Update Release Information:

Typically, map updates are issued 1-2 times annually, but please note that this is not a strict schedule. The release dates for updates are not fixed, making it challenging to provide exact availability details.

After the initial release of updated content, it usually takes a few weeks for all content to be finalised. For instance, while some maps may become available immediately, it could take 2-3 weeks for the remaining maps and additional content such as speed cameras or points of interest to be included.

Therefore, we refrain from uploading the update pack until all maps and related content are accessible. It's important to avoid installing incomplete updates, as this could lead to errors and operational issues. We strive to ensure a seamless experience for our users and aim to deliver comprehensive updates when they're ready.


  • Access to a Desktop PC or laptop (preferably running on Microsoft Windows Operating System - we can't guarantee that macOS from Apple or any other Operating System would work)
  • A stable, decent internet connection (you can use your mobile data allowance too, but please check with your provider as this might incur additional costs and charges if you exceed the monthly limit or breach their download policy)
  • A nice cup of tea or coffee and a couple of spare hours (usually)

Inquiry Process:

The most effective way to obtain this information is by contacting us via email at, inquiring about updates, or using any other contact method available on our website.

Please provide us with either the order number, the full name of the person who placed the order, and their first line of address. Alternatively, if you don't have this information, please attach a picture of the invoice included in the box to that email. This allows us to identify the transaction date and the sat nav model, check for available updates after your purchase date, and ensure that we send you the correct files for your sat nav model.

The paper invoice is included in the box with the item, but it will also be emailed to you at the moment of purchase, so you should have it in electronic format as well.

Please note that pictures of the sat nav won't serve as proof of purchase. Additionally, screenshots of bank transactions cannot be accepted as they cannot be linked to a specific order in our system.

Update Process:

After providing proof of purchase and verifying the order, if updates are available for your device, you will receive a video tutorial explaining the entire update process step by step. This will be accompanied by a download link for the latest maps, enabling anyone to perform the update, regardless of their level of computer skills.

Assistance for customers who don't have access to a computer:

Not having access to a computer or internet connection will lead to the impossibility of performing the map update.

In this scenario, we can still assist you in updating your device, but there will be a charge for this service. You would need to cover the expenses for sending and returning the device to us.

If required, we can provide prepaid labels for postage, or you can pay directly at the post office when sending the sat nav. The cost for our direct intervention in updating your device will be £25, which includes the return postage from us to you.

Please note that any unreasonable requests and failure to provide proof of purchase with the device model will be politely declined. Additionally, it's important to understand that our updates are designed specifically for CMNAV sat navs. Attempting to use them on other devices may cause permanent damage, for which we cannot be held responsible.

Contact for Queries:

For any other questions, feel free to use the big Help Button on the bottom right corner and select one of the contact methods you prefer from that list. We normally aim to reply within 30 mins, but even if we won't be reachable at the time, we will get back to you, no matter what!


C & M Navigation Systems reserves the right to refuse or discontinue providing Lifetime Map Updates without prior notice if there are any suspicions of suspicious activities from the user requesting these updates. This may include instances where a potential competitor is attempting to replicate our work for their own interests.

Understanding the "Free Lifetime Map Updates" principle:

Free Lifetime Map Updates ensure that you receive relevant map updates for the specific type/model of device you've purchased.

This service remains available until either the model/product is discontinued or until C & M Navigation Systems cease trading on the market. We will inform our customers of any such decision when they inquire about map updates.

Thank you for visiting our website!

C & M Navigation Systems Team