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DUO - Premium Parfum Range Car Air Freshener

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Perfectly combines the simplistic design with a multitude of perfumes, so it becomes one of the most appreciated products.

The perfume has a high concentration, it can be dosed according to your preferences.

The UPGRADED design which allows you to have 2 DIFFERENT SCENTS in 1 AIR FRESHENER.

Up to 60 days effective Smell 

YOU CAN CHOOSE from using BOTH at the same time for a combined pleasant smell or use them individually for up to 120 days pleasantly smelling air freshener.

They offer a pleasant smell throughout the range of different fragrances without giving you the sensation that is too strong but also allowing you to feel relaxed by their scent.

You have the choice to choose how strong they would smell and also how long they last! (depends how much liquid you pour on the cardboard). The choice is all yours!

How to use:


In case you accidentally spilled the content of this product on your vehicle plastic trims, or upholstery, please wipe it off with a tissue or cloth immediately, as this could cause damage to these components. 

C & M Navigation Systems would not take responsibility for accidental damage caused to the vehicle.