CMNAV Reversing Camera (Only compatible with CMNAV Sat Navs)

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This reversing camera is designed for CMNAV SAT NAVS and allows you to reverse safely by connecting it to the reversing light bulb power lead. 

Every time you put the vehicle into reverse gear, the camera will be triggered and will send a signal to the sat nav, which will display footage from the camera almost instantly. 

Once you've parked, simply put the vehicle into neutral or 1st gear, and the usual sat nav features will resume. 


* CMNAV PRO Camper
* CMNAV 360 (without Live Traffic Updates)
* CMNAV Traffic Camper 
* CMNAV 360 Traffic Camper (with live Traffic Updates)


- 165 degree super large visual range, to avoid obstacle or pedestrians behind. 

-  Low/high temperature resistant (between -30°C and +50°C)

-  Reversing Grid Lines built-in, for a better guidance, making the driver aware of how close they are to an obstacle behind the vehicle when reversing. 

- Waterproof, no issues when exposed to rain or snow

-  Easy to fit, comes with screws for attaching, but can be also stuck to the tailgate by using double-sided self adhesive tape or self adhesive velcro strips (not included in the package).


Image sensor: PC7070K

Pixel: 648*488
Image format: NTSC/PAL
Diagonal angle of view: 165 degrees
Rated voltage: DC12V
Protection level: IP67

Package includes:

1 x Rear View Camera
2 x Self-tapping screws
1 x Video Cable (6m length)
1 x Power Cable (to be attached to the reversing light bulb wires)

The CMNAV Reversing Camera (Only compatible with CMNAV Sat Navs) is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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