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12V 110AH SuperBatt LM110 Deep Cycle Leisure Battery Caravan Motorhome Marine Boat

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Product description

SuperBatt SILVER 9000 series Batteries are built to the very highest of specifications to cope with today's Leisure & Marine electrical demands. MotorHomes, Caravans & Boats are getting more complex with sophisticated Luxury that they requires premium performance Batteries to meet their high electrical demands. The SuperBatt Battery
brand promises the best performance and Long Life, no matter how harsh the conditions. SuperBatt Leisure & Marine battery range is designed with Advance Calcium Technology which makes them Maintenance Free and give Longer Life compare to conventional Leisure & Marine batteries. SuperBatt Leisure & Marine battery range is designed for both MotorHomes (Caravans) & Boats. These batteries are Dual Purpose Batteries as they are perfect for all types of leisure and marine Starting & Auxiliary use. --------Warning:-Remove bungs (plugs) immediately after receiving the battery or batteries (All types of flooded lead acid batteries) even in storage condition. Bungs (Plugs) are only for transportation use. If these instructions are not followed(removing bungs immediately) battery may get bulged or explode. Therefore, The Glasgow Car Detailing Garage Ltd is not liable for any damage, loss and injury due to not following the instruction and the warranty is voided. If you have any question or doubt we are happy to help you please contact us. Don't USE or BUY our products for life saving machine and equipments or where life is on RISK.

Safety Warning

Health and Safety (When Working with or near Batteries, and also when moving or handling them. DO......... 1. wear gloves and suitable eye protection, preferably goggles or a visor. 2. wear a plastic apron and suitable boots when handling battery chemicals such as sulphuric acid or potassium hydroxide. 3. Empty your pockets of any metal objects that could fall onto the battery or bridge across its terminals 4. Keep sources of ignition- such as flames, sparks, electrical equipment, hot objects and mobile phones- well away from batteries that are being charged, have recently been charged, or are being moved. 5. Use suitable single-ended tools with insulated handles. 6. Fit temporary plastic covers over the battery terminals. 7. Charge batteries in a dedicated, well-ventilated area. 8. Share the load with a workmate when lifting batteries- they can be heavy. Use insulated lifting equipment and check there are no tools, cables or other clutter you could trip on. 9. Wash your hands thoroughly after working with batteries, especially before eating, smoking or going to the toilet And don't........... 1. Work with batteries unless you have been properly trained. 2. Smoke 3. Wear a watch, ring, chain, bracelet or any other metal item 4. Overcharge or over heat the battery- stop charging as soon as it is fully charged or get heated. Don't USE or BUY our products for life saving machine and equipments or where life is on RISK.

  • 12V 110AH 800A
  • Leisure & Marine Heavy Duty Long Life Battery
  • Dual Purpose (Starting & Auxiliary) - Maintenance Free with Advance Calcium Technology
  • Dimensions:- Length: 354mm Width: 175mm Height: 190mm (Height is including Terminals / Posts)
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty
Brand SuperBatt
Size (L)354mm x (W)175mm x (H)190mm
Product dimensions 17.5D x 35.4W x 19H centimetres
Number of cells 6
Resistance 15 Milliohms
Terminal Marine Terminal
Manufacturer RoyalBattery